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About Our HypeTech

We are a team of tech innovators determined to set free the creativity of event planners. We aim to let the hospitality industry take a new height with our passion for visual technology, setting new standards that rivals the world.

Our Initiative

We offer free installation, free on-site supervision,free light board operators, and Free training to use our equipment to its fullest potentials.


We built our equipment from high-quality materials to withstand harsh environments and ensure the safety of use, but also our tech fits within the international standards of lighting tech.

Our HypeTech Package

We bring to you the best suite of Smart Visual Equipment

Outdoor Decorations

The Best Equipment for your Event

Attending a party, concert or a wedding event is never the same with Grade A lighting equipment that is reactive to the music. Get your guests amazed and feel the beat of the music with incredible visuals and the power of the vibrant surround system.

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Speaker 1

NEOX LED Pixel Tubes

Tailored to fit all types of events and expos, with over 16 million colors

Speaker 2

NEOX LED Pixel 360° Tubes

Best placed in the middle of the event as it plays 16 millions colors in 360°

Speaker 5


Each LED of our creative rolls is programmed separately to display 16 million colors

Speaker 3

3D Projection Mapping

Project amazing artistic patterns on any surface in 4k HD 60FPS

Speaker 4

NEOX LED Pixel Shapes

Animated and colorful shapes that could be hanged or fixed

Speaker 6

Customize Your Equipment

Execute your idea with us and let your vision come alive!

Intelligent Control Systems

Interactive Lighting Toolkit

Empowering the latest technology in lighting equipment, supporting all popular third-party applications such as Madrix, MadMapper, Resolume Arena, Jinx and much more! Our state-of-the-art toolkit sets free creative minds with shining colors.

✓ NEOX Events Plug-and-Play DMX Control Box
✓ Drive up to 1024 pixels per controller at 60 FPS
✓ Control DMX fixtures with popular software applications
✓ Mobile Application Supporting IOS & Andorid Mobile Apps
✓ Signal Boosters to Boost Light up to 100 meter
✓ Power Supplies powering 5V & 12V depending on the setup

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Corporate Events

We Best Represent Your Entity

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  • All the LEDs adopt the same color in RGB strips as a whole, on the other hand, Addressable LEDs control the color of each individual LED as it's programmed separately.

  • It depends on the scale of the event as it can range from 3 days to 14 days.

  • They all display 1,6581,375 colors and are programmed to control each small LED inside separately to give you full control over your choice of animation. The main difference is that it displays it from one side 180 degrees or the full circular 360 degrees. Of course, this depends on your choice and where you want to put it. For example, if you're placing on the edge of the venue, you wouldn't need the 360 degrees as the 180 will be more cost-effective.

  • We handle Corporate Events, Weddings, Private Parties, Graduation Ceremonies, Concerts, and we're open for more.

  • Our free-shipping policy extends to Alexandria, North-coast and Cairo, yet we are able to come to you anywhere in Egypt noting that there will be shipping fees outside of the three areas mentioned.

  • We provide all the equipment you need since we collaborate with other event producers that have what you're looking for.
    Now you won't need to call and manage multiple suppliers for your next event!


We are glad to collaborate with Pro Motion for our stage rigging services

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We invest in research and development more than anything to give you cutting-edge technology and flawless experience It is About Convenience.