DMX512 Multi-colored Lighting

Building Facade Lighting

Underwater lighting installation

Submersive Fountain Lighting

Controllers and drivers

Indoor Light Intensity Control

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Architecture Breathes Through Colors

We provide an array of services to those in the construction industry including the following

exterior lighting design

Building Facade

Turn your building into a landmark through
state-of-the-art DMX512 lighting design

We provide cutting-edge lighting technology that lets your display over 16 million crips colors with your
choice of animation as we use world renowned lighting software protocols and customized hardware

Go Beyond Exterior Lighting Creativity

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Exterior lighting design

Fountain Lighting

Go Beyond Fountain Lighting Design with our 16+ million colors RGBW lights.

Installing submersible LED lighting fixtures requires patience and expertise and lots of Signal Boosters.
We were responsible for operational supervision, supplying hardware components, and installing of submersible LED RGB spot lights over 1,800 kilometers in Galala Downtown Ain Sokhna, Egypt

We offer free consultation, cost-efficient supplying and installation.

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Interior Lighting Design

Light Intensity Control

Lighting controls can help save energy – and money – by automatically turning lights off when they're not needed, by reducing light levels when full brightness isn’t necessary, or controlling the lighting mood in and around your home. Our drivers, dimers and lighting network systems delivers the most effective indoor experience, with a whole suite of controllers at your command.
✓ Voice Recognition with Alexa
✓ Motion Sensors
✓ Mobile Application
✓ Universal Remote Controller
✓ Smart Switches
✓ Control Everything From Anywhere

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Interior Lighting Design

Circadian Lighting Design

Lighting Controllers are essential to human-centric lighting designs as it regulates light temperature and brightness over the day to mimic natural light, leading to elevated moods and mental wellness.

The new standards of interior lighting design

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Ivora LED supplying services

Wholesale Lighting Catalogue

We manufacture and compete in having the best prices in the market with exceptional standards as we supply:
✓ Interior Lighting
✓ Exterior Lighting
✓ Landscape Lighting
✓ Industrial Lighting
✓ All Types of Controllers & Drivers
✓ Long-Living LED Manufacture Machinery

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Design & Fabricate Hardware

Each lighting product need its proper controllers, drivers and the experts that take the measurement necessary to perfecting your project

Lightening ⚡Fast Installation

Our integrity goes a long way especially when it comes to saving your time, that's why we have made hundreds of case-studies on the best practices of High-Tech Lighting Installation.

Press & Call

Turn your supervision crisis into a Stress-Free Project

Here are a few reasons why our clients are happy with our electrical operation and supervision.
✓ Always saving them money through revising the components and wiring.
✓ Always on time and always prepared for client-side changes.
✓ Integrity in delivering knowledge in consultation sessions.
✓ We are easy to talk to and would naturally go above and beyond for you.